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The Police Raid Turkish Political Party for Hosting Illegal Gambling Parties


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In the early hours on January the 9th, police raided the provincial headquarters of the Raising of the Nationalist Will Party (MIY), but the raid was not for political reasons, but rather for the throwing of gambling parties.

The MIY was founded after the Trust Party which was closed after 44 police raids and they have already see three raids so far this year.

The MIY is thought to be a shadow organisation which was founded to cover illegal gambling activities.

Öztürk Sezer, the head of the party along with 11 other people was detained in the police raid in the southern province of Adana. The detention came after claims that they were the organizers of the gambling parties.

In Turkey, gambling is completely illegal apart from on certain sports.

238 people in total were fined for gambling in the double raid which also covered a district base. The others that were targeted in the raids are accused of providing a venue for gamblers and collecting unearned money.

Sezer defended himself by saying that he was there to personally observe claims that the branch was in fact organizing illegal gambling sessions. He went on to say that he was curious about what he read in the media stories about people gambled in his party and was there to see what was going on. Whilst he was waiting for the provincial head the police came in.

In the office of the provincial head, Kamil Yücel, the police found a number of vouchers, which indicated that the MIY had probably paid the gamblers past fines.

In this raid the police had to enter the property by cutting a re-enforced entrance gate at the parties’ headquarters.

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