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Internet Gambling Ring Bust in Rhode Island


Internet Gambling Ring Bust in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island State Police announced that 17 people that include notable athletes have been in arrested in regards to an online gambling ring.internet gambling

Steven O’Donnell, State Police Superintendent said that these were arrests were made as a result of an investigation by state, federal and local officials that lasted for eight months.

The men were arrested on Tuesday morning and are now facing charges that include organized criminal gambling, bookmarking and drug offenses.

Among the suspects are were Rhode Island athletes that are known in the area according to reports from the Providence Journal.

Chris Costantino, 24 from Warwick was a pitcher that was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 2009 and Sean Furney, 24 from Warwick who was signed in 2013 as a free agent with Arizona Diamondbacks are now facing conspiracy charges and organized criminal gambling.

One of the alleged ringleaders of the gambling operation has been named as Timothy Moretti, who is a 46 year old from Cranston. However, authorities have declined so far to name or to give any details according to WPRI-TV.

The Journal has reported that Moretti is a known associate of the mob and is also a former prison guard that has a long criminal history that includes illegal gambling charges and drug charges.… Read the rest

The Police Raid Turkish Political Party for Hosting Illegal Gambling Parties


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In the early hours on January the 9th, police raided the provincial headquarters of the Raising of the Nationalist Will Party (MIY), but the raid was not for political reasons, but rather for the throwing of gambling parties.

The MIY was founded after the Trust Party which was closed after 44 police raids and they have already see three raids so far this year.

The MIY is thought to be a shadow organisation which was founded to cover illegal gambling activities.

Öztürk Sezer, the head of the party along with 11 other people was detained in the police raid in the southern province of Adana. The detention came after claims that they were the organizers of the gambling parties.

In Turkey, gambling is completely illegal apart from on certain sports.

238 people in total were fined for gambling in the double raid which also covered a district base. The others that were targeted in the raids are accused of providing a venue for gamblers and collecting unearned money.

Sezer defended himself by saying that he was there to personally observe claims that the branch was in fact organizing illegal gambling sessions. He went on to say that he was curious about what he read in the media stories about people gambled in his party and was there to see what was going on.… Read the rest

Internet Gambling – Federal Regulation


Internet Gambling – Federal Regulation

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The World Wide Web in 1990 was growing rapidly and with this online gambling found a way to go around government control and prohibition. All that a site operator needed to do was to establish a business in an offshore jurisdiction and start taking bets. This then saw the Department of Justice and Congress explore the applicable current law and the appeal of new regulation for online gambling.

The Wire Act gained focus during the investigation if offshore Internet gambling that took bets from Americans violated federal law. Under the Wire Act the operator was at risk of a fine and being imprisoned if they knowingly used a wire communication facility to send information related to wagering on any sport event or contest. However, the act is legal in both the source and destination locations of the transmission. It would then seem that the Wire Acts definition for wire communication facility would them embrace the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure in its entirety and would then apply to online gambling.

Under the Wire Act all internet gambling by bettors in the US is illegal according to the Department of Justice.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed by congress in 2006.… Read the rest