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Las Vegas Casino Heists


Las Vegas Casino Heists

Over the years there has been some daring casino heists. Here is a look at some of the more memorable ones according to

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‘Biker Bandit’ – Bellagio Robbery, 2010

The ‘Biker Bandit’ robbed the Bellagio in a bold heist on December 14th 2010 and made off with $1.5 million worth of casino chips.  Anthony Carleo, who was 29 at the time rode up to the casino entrance on a motorcycle, walked right up to the craps table, pulled a gun and demanded chips.

He got away with a range of chip denominations including one that was worth $25 000. He then tried to sell these on an internet poker website using the email and signing emails as the ‘Biker Bandit’.

Several weeks after his daring heist the Metro Police caught up with him where he was gambling and trying to sell chips to undercover officers.

In August 2011 the Clark County Judge sentenced him to serve between 9 and 27 years for the Bellagio robbery and for an early heist that Carleo committed at the Suncoast casino on December 9th 2010.

Carleo was actually the son of a former Las Vegas Municipal court Judge.… Read the rest