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Sponsored post – Guest post policy

What is a Sponsored Post?
A sponsored post is one where somebody pays me to cover a certain topic that pertains to
the gambling industry whether it is offline or online. We only accept two types of sponsored
posts for our blog, which are:
 Posts written by the sponsor
 Posts written by me
Policy Outline for Sponsored Posts
 We will only accept sponsored posts about the gambling niche. This can be online
gambling or offline gambling. However, we will not allow direct encouragement of
 The length for a sponsored post will be between 300 and 500 words.
 Sponsored posts that are written by the advertiser are scrutinized to ensure they
comply with our policies and our blog standard.
 Any sponsored post that is written by me, the advertiser is only allowed to correct
factual errors or omissions from the post. This means that they do not have editorial
 Sponsored posts will be scheduled as I see fit and this is my right. However, most
posts will be written/posted right away
 Any sponsored posts that are on a schedule will be published in a timely manner
 Sponsored posts will remain on the site for a minimum of 6 months, but are most
likely to stay permanently as I do not delete old posts
 Our blog is not a place for SEO farmers and sponsored posts shall not be used to gain
link juice.
 I reserve the right to reject any offer of sponsored posts
 Payment for sponsored posts should be made upfront
 The editorial staff have the right of refusal
 Sponsored posts should be informative, factual and an interesting read and should
only be focused on the gambling niche.
 Sponsored posts should be 100% unique, plagiarism will not be accepted
 Sponsored posts will need to reach our standard before they are accepted
We want our sponsored posts to be good as we aim to provide readers with interesting and
good reads. The content style may differ between posts, however, the posts shall all be of
If you are looking to sponsor a post then please contact: sponsored (@)
We are happy to work with products, brands, media planners and such on a one-off basis.