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Millions from Phil Mickelson tied to Money Laundering


According to sources and court documents, nearly $3 million was transferred from golfer Phil Mickelson to a middleman as part of an illegal gambling operation that took and placed bets on sporting events.

Phil Mickelson is a 5 time major winner and is also one of the most popular and wealthiest players on the PGA Tour, but he has not been charged nor is he under federal investigation.

However, last week a 56 year old former sports gambler has pled guilty for being a channel to an offshore gambling operation and for laundering about $2.75 million.

Gregory Silveria has come to an agreement with prosecutors and has pled guilty to three counts of money laundering from a gambling client that has not been named between February 2010 and February 2013.

phil mickelson

Mickelson has not been named, but sources say that the unnamed client is he. Mickelson though could not be contacted for comment and Glenn Cohen his personal attorney would not comment, but did say that another attorney assisted in the matter. Silveria also would neither comment nor his attorney.

According to the court documents, Silveria in March 2010 accepted a wire transfer of $2.75 million that he knew was part of illegal sports betting.

The money came from the gambling client into a Wells Fargo Bank account that was Silveria’s, three days later he transferred $2.475 million and then another $275 000 into another Wells Fargo Account and then the next day $2.475 million was transferred to another account that he controlled at JPMorgan Chase Bank. These transfers constitute the three money laundering charges.

The original plea agreement that was signed last month by Silveria and James D. Henderson Sr contained a reference to the gambling client as P.M, but this agreement was stricken and the final plea was agreed.

However even though it was it not in the official court records that Phil Mickelson is the gambling client, sources say that it is he.

Mickelson earned more than $77 million over his 30 years on the PGA Tour as well as endorsement deals that pay him $40 million per year.

Silveria made a small name for himself in the 1990s as a sports tout, which is a seller of betting picks to the less sophisticated better. He drew attention as some said that he was operating a moneymaking scam.

In terms of what will happen to Phil Mickelson is yet to be seen as he was not named and he is not under investigation in connection to the case. Under federal law only gambling operators can be charged and not bettors.

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