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Las Vegas Casino Heists


Las Vegas Casino Heists

Over the years there has been some daring casino heists. Here is a look at some of the more memorable ones according to

las vegas

‘Biker Bandit’ – Bellagio Robbery, 2010

The ‘Biker Bandit’ robbed the Bellagio in a bold heist on December 14th 2010 and made off with $1.5 million worth of casino chips.  Anthony Carleo, who was 29 at the time rode up to the casino entrance on a motorcycle, walked right up to the craps table, pulled a gun and demanded chips.

He got away with a range of chip denominations including one that was worth $25 000. He then tried to sell these on an internet poker website using the email and signing emails as the ‘Biker Bandit’.

Several weeks after his daring heist the Metro Police caught up with him where he was gambling and trying to sell chips to undercover officers.

In August 2011 the Clark County Judge sentenced him to serve between 9 and 27 years for the Bellagio robbery and for an early heist that Carleo committed at the Suncoast casino on December 9th 2010.

Carleo was actually the son of a former Las Vegas Municipal court Judge.

Circus Circus Heist – 1993

There was a bizarre twist to the Circus Circus heist in 1993. One of the thieves actually turned herself in after 12 years and getting away with $2.95 million in an armoured truck.

Heather Tallchief who was Loomis Armour. Inc. driver confessed to her in involvement in the October 1993 heist. Tallchief drove away from the casino in an armoured truck that contained millions.

Tallchief surrendered to the Las Vegas authorities in September 2005 saying that the guilt eventually got too much and she had to come clean. Roberto Solis who was her alleged accomplice and ex-boyfriend remains at large.

Tallchief fled to the Netherlands after the heist and says that Solis has the money. In March 2006 a federal judge sentenced her to five years and three months.

Bellagio Cashier Cage Robbery – 2000

There was a string of casino robberies that plagued the Strip including a heist at the Bellagio’s cashier cage, in early 2000.

Two men who were wearing body armour jumped over the cashier cage counter and stole about $160 000 in cash and casino chips. There was a third accomplice that was the lookout. The suspects fired a single shot at the security guards as they fled, but luckily no one was injured.

Oscar Sanchez Cisneros who was 23 at the time, Jose Manuel Vigoa who was 40 and Luis Suarez who was 35 were arrested.

Cisneros however committed suicide four months after the robbery, using a bed sheet in his cell.

Vigoa pleaded guilty to his charges and was responsible for many casino heists and the killings of two armoured truck drivers. He was sentenced to four no parole life sentences plus 306 to 760 years in prison.

Suarez was given 15 years and was ordered to pay $150 000 in restitution.

Stardust Theft – 1992

In 1992 at the Stardust a cashier merely just walked out with an estimated $500 000 worth of cash and chips.

The suspect in the case was William John Brennan who was 34 at the time has not been seen since. A warrant was issued for Brennan’s arrest which charged him with a dozen counts of felony theft.

Treasure Island Robberies – 2000

In 200 a botched robbery at Treasure Island left a security guard wounded and a man was arrested in connection with two other robberies at the casino that happened earlier in the year.

Reginald Johnson who was 27 at the time walked into Treasure Island and fired a shot at the security guard as he walked towards the cashier where he then fired another shot before he left empty handed.

A few hours after the robbery attempt, Johnson was arrested. Authorities were already looking for him and his brother Donnell Johnson who were suspects for a robbery in July 2000 at Treasure Island. In October of 2000, Treasure Island was the target again with the robber firing two shots and getting away with around $30 000.

Reginald Johnson pled guilty to all three robberies at Treasure Island and in 2011 he was given 130 years. In court Johnson laughed when watching the surveillance video of him shooting the security guard.


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