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A Man in Shreveport Man was Busted after an Alleged Casino Heist


A Man in Shreveport Man was Busted after an Alleged Casino Heist

A man in Shreveport was arrested for a crime that sounds like it comes straight from a movie.

Anhkim Le of Shreveport will most likely be given plenty of time to think about what went wrong in his elaborate scheme that involved him making off with more than a quarter of a million dollars in a scam that involved a Brinks truck.

anhkim le

However, Le underestimated the Louisiana State Police that work in the gaming division. Horseshoe contacted the Louisiana State Police Gaming Operations Section on the 1st of April 2015, in regard to a shortage from a deposit that was made in to the Capital One Bank on the 23rd of March.

Casino representatives showed three bags of currency, makers, credit card receipts and personal checks to state police. These were picked up from the casino by Brinks Inc. armored couriers service on the 22nd of March.

The bags were then to be deposited on the Monday, the 23rd of March at the Capital One Bank in Shreveport.

Documentation however that was received from Capital One Bank showed that the bag that contained $354 879.86 was never delivered to the bank for deposit. The bag contents included $284 279.86 ibn cash, $29 000 in customer markers, $12 100 in credit card transactions and $29 500 in personal checks.

Troopers then watched surveillance videos that confirmed Brinks personnel retrieved three bags of currency from the casino.

On the 2nd of April, troopers went to the Brinks. Inc. office and watched the surveillance of the armored truck that had the three bags of currency from Horseshoe Casino. The messenger that was on the truck and was handling the bags was Le.

The coverage showed that Le scanned the bags into the Brinks vault and placed the bag into a large blue bag which would then eventually be placed into the overnight vault.

However, from looking at the video a little more closely, it showed that Le never actually put all of the funds into the vault.

The troopers then got an arrest warrant for Le through Caddo Parish for theft as well as a search warrant for his residence.

On searching Le’s home they found a total of $280 552 in currency but they were not able to find the remaining $3 627.86. Le said that he got rid of the credit card transactions, customer markers and personal checks by shredding them.

Le has been booked into Caddo Correctional Centre and charged with felony Theft.

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